Who we are

Well at the moment it’s officially me, and just me, Jon Hume, sole founder, cat owner and start up newbie.

In my last job I was lucky enough to have worked at ARM with some of the most talented people on the planet.

From the summer of 2000 until December 2016, I was a Staff Engineer and team lead for their Software Production System.

Our team did DevOps before it was called DevOps.

We oversaw the system’s adoption in most of ARM’s engineering offices, we engineered a 100x performance improvement, we increased our user base by 10x and we did this with a zero head count increase.

I now want to build something based on what we learnt at ARM, something that helps us discover, share and do things better.


There are two Objectives.

The first is to create a community and a system that drives the creation and sharing of actionable information. Something that helps  people do things better.

The second is to make a living whilst doing it.

Intrigued or want to help?

For now follow the blog.

I’ll reveal the plans and how people can join in once I am certain I have something that will not waste everyone’s time.